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(For further information, please contact Mehmet Borahan Bilen,
a young guide passionate about this area)

Walking excursions

Cappadocia's valleys offer infinite hiking route. Whatever the level of difficulty, it is necessary to bring sufficient water, and in summer, it is better to leave early in the morning to avoid the full sun. You can also benefit from the nights of full moon to discover a spectacle of fantastic colors.

Excursions on two wheels

If you like the bicycle, the scooter or the motorbike, the landscape of Cappadocia is waiting for you ! The terrain is flat to rolling with tremendous vistas. In July there is even an international mountain bike festival.

Geological tours

While studying the formation and evolution of volcanoes and their products (tuff, lava, pumice and obsidian), you will discover how the Cappadocian landscape was formed. You will also understand the role of erosion (rain and win) shaping in the Cappadocian region as we see it today - the fairy chimneys and colourfull tuff layers.

Equestrian excursions

For those who wish to move at a faster pace, some clubs offer excursions by horse. Tours can last from one hour up to one week, according to the request. This type of tours achieves close contact with nature along with a charming view of the area.

Cappadocia by ballon

For those who want to go over higher, several local agencies allow our guest to discover the area by balloon. The sights and service on board are splendid : even the flight certificate is served with champagne !

Visits to underground cities

Numerous underground cities, intended to be used as refuge in the event of attack, exist in the area.

The discovery of local handicraft

Admirers of handicrafts will find limitless opportunities in Cappadocia. Potters, especially concentrated in Avanos, are always ready to share their know-how, and visitors can try to create their own pottery. The same is true for the carpet shop owners, who will present you their collection and explain their manufacturing techniques. In addition, local shops offer a great variety of antiquities, jewels and souvenirs...

Weather in Cappadocia

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